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Our motto for many many years has been “There is a Difference, Riemann Service.” Likewise, ‘The Riemann Way’ is an unwritten philosophy dating back to 1920. Bob Riemann once said, “Unless it is illegal, immoral, or unethical, make it happen.” In fact, those words are so important to our mission that they are strategically placed in our work area so that we remember these words every single time a family calls on us in their time of need. Gentle direction, a compassionate hand, an open ear, and a commitment to service that is unmatched are all part of our promise to service others like no one else can.

RIEMANN FAMILY…It begins with an unfailing commitment from our family. We are ever-present in the daily operations and service to families ensuring service, quality, and satisfaction…the three qualities that were written surrounding the ‘R’ in the first Riemann Funeral Home logo design. When you look at what makes up a successful funeral support team, there are many groups involved. 

THE TRANSFER TEAM…Our transfer team is standing by available at a moment’s notice, 24 hours per day. This team has an important role in creating the first impression of our services and displaying our level of compassion as they physically transfer a loved one into our care. Not everyone in our profession operates in this manner. 

THE CARE CENTER TEAM…Once in our care, our Care Center team is responsible for caring for your loved one through either professional medical preservation or short term care through refrigeration. This team is one that is truly different from what other providers can offer. Not all funeral homes have the facilities to properly care for a loved one. We have a state of the art facility known as our Care Center with the ability to properly care for your loved one. Our team is the best in funeral service in preparing for the final presentation at funeral services.  

THE FUNERAL DIRECTOR/EVENT PLANNER TEAM…The Funeral Directors today have very different roles from what they were years ago. We are charged with helping a family create a truly personal and meaningful ceremony unlike any other. Planning this event opens up unlimited possibilities as we try to accomplish our goal with the family. This is where someone who is genuinely interested in helping others can make such a big impact on a family in need. Again, we have the best. Not everyone can be a director at Riemann. It takes someone who is totally committed, genuine in spirit, and infinitely creative.

THE ADMINISTRATION TEAM…Our administration located in each of our locations are our support and the backbone of the organization. Their attention to detail and level of communication are essential to a successful and meaningful ceremony.

THE OUTSIDE SERVICE TEAM…When it comes to cemetery operations and responsibility, having a staff committed to excellence is very important. There is a right way and a wrong way to open and close a grave and set up cemetery equipment. This team is an unusual group and integral part of what makes us different. Many funeral homes subcontract this work, thus breaking the consistency of level of care.

FACILITIES…Facilities play a big role in a funeral home’s ability to serve each community the way they deserve to be served. We have made significant investments in each community to ensure each family can remember their loved one and celebrate their life in the very community in which they lived. We have 5 state-of-the-art facilities capable of creating an atmosphere that reflects each individual life. Please see our list of locations for the one nearest your family.

THE RIEMANN FAMILY CREMATORY…Riemann Family Funeral Homes owns and operates its own crematory. You might think that all funeral homes have made this investment. However, very few crematories are located on the MS Gulf Coast. Riemann provides peace of mind when cremation is chosen as the means of final disposition. Most funeral homes in our area do not own their own crematory. In addition, not all funeral homes have their own refrigeration units designed to respectfully hold a loved one until permits and authorizations are obtained, which can take several days.  

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