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Transfer Your Existing Prearrangement

If you have prearranged your final wishes, you have given your family a tremendously valuable gift. Not only is it a monetary gift, it is a gift that will help your family understand exactly what your wishes are, thus reducing emotional anxiety that comes along with decision making during a time that is incredibly stressful.

Whether you have prearranged with another funeral home on the Coast or one outside of our area, you are not committed to using that funeral home at the time of need. You are free to select any funeral home to help your family. We have helped many families transfer to us that had originally prearranged with other funeral homes, especially in our new service areas of West Jackson County/East Harrison County.

We invite you to visit our State of the Art locations to see the difference. We also invite you to take notice of why our home page reads, "There is a Difference, Riemann Service." Our caring Riemann Team will always greet you at the door with a smile, and our attention to detail is present in everything we do. 

In Mississippi, prearrangement funding is either regulated by the Secretary of State or Insurance Commissioner. This means the money you pay into your prearrangement is actually held with a third party trustee until the time of passing. At that time, any funeral home that serves the family can make a claim on the prearranged fund from the trustee.

Most funeral prearrangement plans include a price frozen "guarantee" feature for certain contracted items. When a prearrangement contract is signed, our funeral home will honor the original prices, no matter when death occurs...and no matter who the funeral home was that originally offered the plan...and you will pay no more for contracted services and merchandise that were price-frozen...and you have to do nothing now except let your family know to call Riemann Family Funeral Home to carry out your wishes at the time of passing.

So, how can we do this?  

The answer is simple...we file a claim with the Trustee or the Insurance Company, along with proof of death, and they will pay those monies to us, just as they would any other funeral home that files the claim...and your family has to do nothing more.

Call today to speak with us about placing your wishes on file with us or contact us via the form here.

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