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We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

I would like to thank you all at riemans for such wonderful care, Tyler was amazing and treated us like family and was very comforting and so helpful as we lost a loved one suddenly at a young age we were not prepared and with his guidance and compassion we were able to face those tough decisions and he handled our uncertainties and changes so gracefully and with so much compassion and we will forever be thankful for his kindness As well as the kindness of all of you at Riemans . On behalf of our family , Thank You

Michele Davis
September 2, 2020

My husband passed suddenly without any direction for my family. To a person, they were empathetic and professional. I was treated kindly,with understanding and they even checked up on me after their work was done. Will I recommend them, absolutely. Wonderful people,wonderful job.

Charlotte Raines
August 18, 2020

We were so happy to meet with David to plan our last rites. All of us were older; single, children scattered and decided to just make it easy on everyone and do it ourselves. We were able to set up affordable payment plan and unfortunately, were able to avail ourselves last month. Our oldest friend passed, so her remains were taken care of as she wished. We could not have asked for a more professional and empathetic bunch!! Bereavement counseling has been a true blessing and we thank all involved! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Donna Y Craig
May 26, 2020

​"David Riemann was absolutely the perfect person to guide us through the planning for my father’s funeral!"

The Kapp Family
February 26, 2020

We were in a crisis at the time Jimmy passed away. David and Donna Faye relieved our minds immediately. Everything was handled with grace and caring . - The Barnes Family

patricia phyfer
January 27, 2020

"Our family would never use any one but Riemann’s! We love them and feel as if they treat our family as one of their own."

The Saucier Family
January 27, 2020

"This was for our son- We were so impressed we switched our preplans for both of us from Bradford to you. I must add we just attended my cousin’s daughter’s service in Ocean Springs and realized what a vast improvement Riemann’s is over Bradford, although my family has had to use them for years. Thanks for coming to St. Martin!!"

The Hill Family
January 25, 2020

“Chad is the best! The last four generations of my family have used Riemanns and we would not trust anyone else to our final care.”

The Maslowski Family
January 24, 2020

"We thank you so much for the caring and personal attention you gave us. It was a blessing to us in a time of need. Our preacher said, he thinks Mr. Riemann is the nicest director he has met!"

The Guin Family
January 24, 2020

"I would like to thank the Riemann family for all the help during this hard time of losing someone you love so much. I would especially like to thank Mrs. Johnnie Fayard for a wonderful write up on James. Thank you Mr. Jamie O’Neil, great job on telling us of the preparation of my husband."

The O’Neil Family
January 23, 2020

“Ms. Johnnie and Mr. Chad did a phenomenal job. The service and viewing was so beautiful! They helped us during our most difficult time. It went beyond our expectations. Overall amazing service from Chad”

The Skopayko Family
January 23, 2020

"Chad went above and beyond to accommodate our needs. He was recommended highly and did not disappoint."

The Webb Family
January 22, 2020

"When i lost my father unexpectedly, I had no idea which direction to go. My father wasn't married and I was the only child, so it all fell on me. Your funeral director and staff made everything much easier for me, and I can never thank you enough."

The Nebel Family
January 21, 2020

"Riemann has always taken care of our family needs for many years. Excellent service and staff and reasonable prices. Jason Green is amazing and conducts himself professionally and compassionately. He has established relationships with entire congregation at St. Thomas Catholic Church. We are blessed to have him."

The Durel Family
January 20, 2020

"Excellent experience. I could not be more satisfied."

The Runnels Family
January 19, 2020

"Your entire staff was exceptionally helpful and pleasant. Chad made a difficult chore for us very easy and relaxed. Thanks for providing this much needed service to our family with such care and respect!

The Hutto Family
January 18, 2020

"Riemann has been in the funeral business for a long time and it shows. The staff know how to comfort and assist in times of need. Staff has been polite, available and helpful."

The Parker Family
January 17, 2020

“Thank you so much for Jim Hudson. His warmth and humor were what was needed at the time of planning. He was a great fit for our family’s personalities.”

The Franke Family
January 16, 2020

“The staff at Riemann Family Funeral Home were wonderful and handled our arrangements perfectly. We truly appreciated all of you did to help us with Dr. Sheffield’s services.”

The Sheffield Family
January 15, 2020

“Overall excellence. We have already preplanned our funerals.”

The Griffenberg Family
January 14, 2020

“Some of our funeral arrangements were made, but not all, but it did help.”

The Wilson Family
January 13, 2020

“It is always a comfort dealing with Jason Green.”

The Sangree Family
January 12, 2020

“The Riemann staff is very knowledgeable and effective when it comes to a veteran’s funeral.”

The Grace Family
January 12, 2020

“From first call and before to the aftercare everything was excellent, and the family was pleased. If we had to do the service over, we would not change anything. We are certainly ambassadors for Riemann Family Funeral Home.”

The Patton Family
January 11, 2020

“Chad is amazing to work with. He’s been a blessing to our family. We are grateful to Chad Riemann and his staff. They go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcomed and cared for. Their excellency to detail is such a relief during a difficult time of loss. Thanks again for servicing our family and this community.”

The Hall Family
January 10, 2020

“I will never forget the kindness and respect given to me and my family during the funeral of my husband. God bless you. Thank you.”

The Walton Family
January 9, 2020

“You handled our daughter in 2010 and my husband May 2018. Both of them went fast, but I was pleased with your help and services.”

The McCormick Family
January 8, 2020

“David Gunn could not be any better at his job. Give that man a raise!”

The Sibrel Family
January 7, 2020

“We really appreciate how smooth the funeral director made things and the advice and guidance he gave as we were not really in a position to pay attention to all of the necessary details.”

The Shineflew Family
January 6, 2020

“Very professional.”

The Neideffer Family
January 5, 2020

“Everyone we dealt with was fantastic. Jason Green did an excellent job in working with us and made us quite comfortable the whole time. He and Tommy Franklin were wonderful to us for the funeral. We are now working with Alan Freeman and he has also been wonderful to work with. I like the fact they are not pushy, but give you options to work with. I would definitely recommend Riemanns to everyone and the pre-arrangements made everything easier.”

The Kelley Family
January 4, 2020

“Thank you for your help when we requested it. All was very nice and I know I will be taken care of. Please give Jeff and his help a pat on the back. They were very personalized in moving my wife. Thanks to them very much. Thanks Riemanns and Staff.”

The Booker Family
January 3, 2020

“Mr. Alan took time out of his weekend to meet with me on a Sunday afternoon to start the Pre-Planning process since my mom’s health had begun to rapidly decline. Thank you!!”

The Gilliam Family
January 2, 2020

“Everything is excellent!! These comments are from funeral attendees…’The most beautiful Christian burial they’ve attended.’ Thank you so much, Mr. Jim Hudson and team.”

The Neel Family
January 1, 2020

"My husband worked for your family and he wanted the Riemann’s to do his funeral and you made me feel at home. You were so kind to me."

The Young Family

"Such wonderful caring people. Thank you!"

The Heald Family

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all…everyone for making a very painful situation better. Jason helped me with cost and simplicity, thank you Jason from the bottom of my heart. This was the love of mine taken too soon. My mother died a month later and Riemann’s came through for her as well."

The Pullen Family

"Just terrific start to finish."

The Higgins Family

"My aunt’s services were made in advanced. We were thoroughly pleased."

The Young Family

"Everyone was so courteous and caring. Especially Jim Hudson. Very attentive and professional. Took care of everything for my husband."

The Scoggins Family

"As a pastor having worked with you before for church members and family members, I have never had a problem dating all the way back to my father’s funeral in February of 93. Thank you all."

The Ross Family

"Wonderful to work with."

The Ramsey Family

"The kindness and attention to detail were quite impressive considering the circumstances. They were more than thoughtful!"

The Mitchell Family

"Thank you so much for your help in all areas of getting our family through this difficult time."

The Snowden Family

"Thank you- our families have used your services for many, many years. We are all always completely happy and comforted by your family and staff. We will continue to express how happy we are to others."

The Helton Family

"Thank you to Jason Green and all the staff at Riemann. We could not have asked for more caring and compassionate service at a very trying and difficult time for our family."

The Weaver Family

"Because my mother moved from Biloxi before she passed, long distance arrangements had to be made. Everyone involved in that made it so easy for us. Not what we expected! Thank you so much."

The Chadbourne Family

"The entire team at Riemann’s did an outstanding job! They did everything that was asked for and we are glad that they are here to serve the families of the Gulf Coast!"

The Mirenda Family

"Riemann Family Home was very helpful. They answered any questions we had and kept in touch until my brother passed. When he did, they were more than helpful in taking care of everything. Thank you!"

The Kodos Family

"Going through the loss of my husband of 51 years was beyond my comprehension with respect to grief and loss, your staff was more than caring, they were what I needed to help me."

The Harrington Family

"Johnnie took great care and attention to my needs."

The Rahalski Family

"Everyone was wonderful and supportive. Thank you for all of the help and support at such a sad time for our family. We appreciated it so much."

The Lovell Family

"Everything was excellent!! The care and service we received made the difficult time much easier to deal with."

The Pitre Family

"Ms. Cathy and Ms. Connie are wonderful! They both made an extremely difficult time bearable for our family with their extreme patience, understanding, and care."

The Perkins Family

"We were very pleased with the Riemann Family Funeral Home. It was my first experience with this. They were wonderful, caring, knowledgeable, and professional. They took care of everything."

The Serra Family

"The way you all prepare the decease members make them look so natural and that means so much to the families. Thank you all for your services!"

The McManus Family

"Excellent company. Great staff."

The Moran Family

"Jamie O’Neil was great helping me and Ms. Johnnie was so sweet. I really loved talking to her."

The O’Neal Family

"We selected the home on Kiln Delisle Road. It was near the cemetery in the country and there was no problem with traffic as it would be in town. All in all good job."

The Drewry Family

"Jim was extremely caring and compassionate."

The Morris Family

"Thank you for your compassion when you took him from our home, the realistic “Peace Lilly” and beautiful poem attached to it. He was a true hero with 4 tours of duty in Vietnam and because of the information you provided us with he got his full military honors."

The Elliott Family

"The compassion and respect shown to our family and loved one, who was lost will always be remembered and appreciated. Thank you and God bless to all the staff."

The Amant Family

"Jason was most helpful and as always it always comfortable when you have faith in the person assisting us."

The Loftus Family

"All involved staff was courteous and professional, showing both concern and empathy with family members."

The Scannaliato Family

"I urge everyone to make plans in advance. I am so thankful we did."

The Johnston Jr. Family

"Your staff was very helpful and comforting at every level. We pre-planned my mother’s plans 3 months prior to her passing and it was very helpful!! All were very professional yet comforting."

The Bundt Family

"The staff were all like family. They gave us their undivided attention. We recommend this facility to our family and friends."

The Colaluca Family

"Everything handled respectively, efficiently."

The McDavid Family

"Had a preplanned (prepaid) funeral so everything went smoothly. Thank you Jim Hudson for helping me complete the final arrangements for my husband. And thank you for being so patient with me."

The Kilpatrick Family

"There was never a time I felt rushed or like I was bothering the people at Riemann’s. Everyone was always polite and kind. I appreciated how everyone spoke to me like they really cared. Thank you to all."

The Edenburn Family

"Our family is very appreciative of your kindness and concern."

The Porche Family

"Jason Green went above and beyond anything we expected. The layout of the funeral home made for a very nice way to take care of all of our needs in one location."

The Jakins Sr. Family

"Because of the professional staff and the lack of decision-making for me, I have already pre-arranged my and my husband’s funeral. Your staff was wonderful and caring. I am now very confident that Riemann’s will be helpful and caring to my own children when needed."

The Brennan Family

"I felt like the people at Riemann’s took care of Eddie and my family like it was their own relations. Thank you for all that was done."

The Peterson Family

"Jamie was excellent in details and follow-ups."

The Allison Family

"I feel Riemanns did a great job with my husband. You are very kind and handled my loss with concern and respect. Thank you !"

The Nugent Family

"Very pleasant group of people to work with."

The Cox Family

"My sister had a prearrangement with only a graveside service. Mr. Gunn handled all the arrangements and transportation. He was very helpful and we appreciate all he did for us."

The Sullivan Family

"I want to thank Jason Green and his staff for making everything go well."

The Walters Family

"My husband worked for your family and he wanted the Riemann’s to do his funeral and you made me feel at home. You were so kind to me."

The Young Family

"Such wonderful caring people. Thank you!"

The Heald Family

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all…everyone for making a very painful situation better. Jason helped me with cost and simplicity, thank you Jason from the bottom of my heart. This was the love of mine taken too soon. My mother died a month later and Riemann’s came through for her as well."

The Pullen Family

"Our service was very nice and professional. Your staff was very friendly and helpful. Thank you for serving my husband’s service so nice and so much knowledge."

The Byrd Family

"Thanks for all the help. Jason was very helpful and he made a tough situation manageable."

The Morton Family

"Thank you for helping us through a very difficult time. Forever grateful."

The McCusker Family

"Your entire staff was very helpful and could not have done it without them."

The Robb Family

"Thank you and your staff for the compassion during this difficult time."

The Etterle Family

"I very much appreciate Riemann for accepting the pre-arranged funeral contract. This was a tremendous blessing for our family. I am also very appreciative of the persistence of our funeral director to get the military honors for dad’s service. Our funeral director took care of every detail, just as he promised. He put my mind at ease and allowed me to focus on Dad’s life and on my family."

The Brenner Family

"Very satisfied with Riemann Family. The service and accommodation was as more than expected."

The Mathieu Family

"All aspects of the service and arrangements were excellent!"

The Peterson Family

"Thank you Jason for everything. We appreciate all that you did for our family."

The Bullock Family

"My sister was killed in a car accident and David Gunn was extremely kind and helpful during this difficult time."

The Sellers Family

"Everything and everyone at Riemann’s were great during our time of need."

The Schruff Family

"Jason went above and beyond the help me in my time of need and I want to thank you all so much, the staff also. It went very nicely and my mom looked amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

The Grethel Family

"Your staff was very professional and I was pleased with the service."

The Crowley Family

"I could not ask for better service and more caring people, that's what you people showed to my family. God bless you."

The Broome Family

"Great experience!"

The Millan Family

"The funeral service couldn’t have been nicer. It was just what we expected. Everyone was so warm and helpful to us. Also, most important. My husband had a wonderful appearance. He looked so natural, as though he could speak to me. Thank you."

The Sangwin Family

"The staff was outstanding, I could not ask for a more caring group of great people. Thank you for taking care of my Kathy."

The Howk Family

"I was very thankful for all of you. Everything was a great experience. Chad was so helpful. He made everything easier for us. We appreciate him. Connie was great answering all my questions. Thanks."

The Young Family

"All the personnel were very caring and helpful."

The Cockrell Family

"Everything was great, I appreciate all they did for my husband and family. Thank you!"

The Vo Family

"Thanks to your company for your help at this time for our family."

The Vice Family

My mother looked so much better than I expected. Due to Mom's condition at death, we worried that we wouldn't want an open casket, but we were very pleased with her appearance."

The Mansfield Family

"Went over and above- Excellent."

The Hatheway Family

"Willing to help in any way."

The Shelton Family

"I am so thankful for the caring service provided by your staff to me and my family during the death of my husband. The visitation, due to an abundance of friends, was handled with thoughtfulness to those waiting in the line for hours. My heart holds special memories for all the kindness extended to me by Riemann Family Funeral Home."

The Necaise Family

"Was very helpful."

The Mizak Family

"My son’s wish was to have a military service. I asked Riemann’s if they could help me on how to obtain this wish. And they did. Perfection!"

The Allen Family

"We really appreciated Jason’s help. He is an asset for Riemann’s. He had been there for several of my family’s death."

The Pierson Family

"My mother had made her plans year ago, however she had family members uncomfortable with what she wanted so her children and Riemann’s worked together to “view” her and “bury” her. All of this would have been so stressful without Chad’s help and empathy, thank you so much."

The Phelps Family

"Well done! Thank you."

The Thayer Family

"For what Jerry and I wanted, everything Jason did for us was above and beyond what I expected. It was perfect. Thank you everyone for all tour help during this time. It made everything so much easier for our family, Thanks again."

The Johnson Family

"The Riemann staff made an unimaginable difficult experience bearable through their professional help and caring attitude."

The Nicolls Family

"A special thank you to Jamie O’Neal, he was wonderful to us."

The Bennett Family

"Did a wonderful job! Everything was perfect!"

The Dunaway Family

"I have used Riemann funeral home several times and very satisfied with them."

The Whittenburg Sr. Family

"I always trust Riemann’s with my loved ones."

The Wilson Family

"Jamie, was kind, understanding and very helpful. The conference table approach was comfortable. Jamie used a laptop but closed it when discussing things which showed his respect and understanding."

The McCann Family

"My family could not have handled the lost of our mother without Jason Green's help. It was easier because my parents had everything planned ahead of time. I highly recommend Jason Green for families that are experiencing a death in the immediate family for the first time. My family appreciates everything he did for us."

The Necaise Family

"The family appreciates the efforts made to allow us to have visitation with our son under difficult circumstances. Thanks you."

The Wilkinson Family

"My family and I really appreciated all your help. You all were great!"

The Suit Family

"Jason Green was so wonderful, he made this task so much more pleasant and “held” our hands throughout. Riemann’s should be honored to have him. I know we were blessed we had him."

The Daniels Family

"Mr. Hudson was very helpful to my family’s needs during our time of sorrows."

The Paterno Family

"Loved the new flow of how guest enter the entrance area and then to the chapel and the large meeting room with taller chairs and food preparation table. Very comfortable and everyone commented about how nice everything was."

The Hearn Family

"I was in a bit of a “daze” when Mama died and I felt that I needed to make these arrangements with my brother. You waited patiently until my sister-in-law was able to reach him by phone, and you answered all of our questions to our satisfaction."

The Arnott Family

“Jason was an absolute blessing, and we could not have asked for a less stressful experience during this time of loss.”

The White Family

“Chad was excellent and helpful. All the staff was caring and assisted with all my needs.”

The Key Family

“My mom was cremated and everyone that helped me, my son, and daughter pick out the urn and book for services was excellent and very personal to our needs.”

The McNemar Family

“This was our first experience regarding funeral arrangements. Riemann made the logistics very easy allowing us to focus on family and our loss. Thank you!”

The Overlaur Family

“Amazing service as always. Thank you so much for everything y’all do, have done and continue to do for us and our loved ones.”

The Johnson Family

“The Riemann Funeral Home family and staff went beyond customer service towards my family’s needs. The compassion and extra care that was given to our circumstances has been humbling.”

The Armstrong Family

“Riemanns took care of everything, including my troubled mind. Thank you very much.”

The Christodoulou Family

“Thank you to all of the staff, they made the whole process as easy as could be done with having the family coming from out of state to attend the funeral.”

The Davis Family

"We love Riemann Family. Chad was helpful, friendly, and we believe above average. The choice of Will Shirley to officiate was an excellent choice by Riemann. We loved/love him! And we had so many people tell us how he seemed to be a part of us! Thank you Chad and Will as well as your staff!"

The Jackson Family

"Thoroughly enjoyed working with Addison despite the circumstances."

The Wallace Family

"In general, dealing with the public is a bit challenging. So I can only guess under increased emotional stress being a good and supportive communicator can become quite a feat. We were honored to work with Jason who did this so well. He spoke kind words about the deceased while supporting and guiding us in these decisions. He was focused and on task, covered lots of details and did so with kindness, efficiency, and patience. We did not have to concern ourselves during the service. It was just taken care of. We are grateful!"

The Bishop Family

"Jamie, The best! He went above and beyond, thank you!"

The Garrison Family

"We could have never made it through this very difficult time without Jason. He was compassionate, caring, helpful, and gave us a sense of relief that our loved one was being well taken care of. Everyone was very professional and at the same time they to met our needs also thanks to Connie for her help. I would highly recommend Riemann’s to everyone!"

The Dewease Family

"My father would have been very proud of his going home celebration."

The Fuentes Family

"Jamie was so kind to my sisters and all. His demeanor was perfect; it made this difficult process a little less difficult. He offered suggestions and gave us the space/time we needed to discuss things without us even asking."

The Walker Famil

"Mr. Green worked with us on the unexpected death of our son, gave us guidance and his suggestions were appropriate and acceptable to take our son home to Washington, DC."

The Crawford Family

"Thank you to all the staff for their kindness in my time of need. Very professional."

The Drake Family

"The whole process was smooth. The staff was friendly, caring and bent over backwards to accommodate our wishes. My father's preparations have already been arranged with you and I expect nothing less than exceptional."

The Pendleton Family

“Funeral home was great. We are out of state and they helped us get our son back home. “

The Erenwert family

“Just an overall nice experience.”

The Arguelles family

“Our family has used Riemann’s for five deaths since 2009 and would not hesitate to use them again. The staff is always courteous and respectful and a pleasure to work with.”

The Wilson family

“You have great people working for you.”

The Quave family

“My mother’s family has used Riemann Funeral Home since before I was born in 1957. Your reputation is impeccable. I would recommend your funeral home to anyone who asks. Thank you so much for making a sorrowful time bearable.”

The Macejewski family

“We couldn’t have had any better service than we had. We were totally impressed by the facility and the wonderful and helpful staff, especially Johnnie; she was a delight to work with. She listened to what we wanted and made a few suggestions that really enhanced our expectations. I wouldn’t hesitate one bit about referring a friend to you. Several people told us they were impressed by everything they did for us. Can’t be beat! Thanks and our love to the staff.”

The Jordan family

“There is no one any better to deal with than the Riemann’s. They are very thoughtful and make sure you are OK. They are the BEST.”

The Dedeaux family

“Our family’s experience with Riemann’s could not have been improved upon. It blessed all family and friends who attended. Mama would have been proud.”

The Stage family

“My experience with Chad & his staff was exceptional – they honored our request with caring respect”

The Forman family

“I felt like Mr. Gunn went above and beyond his expertise to accommodate our needs. He is an asset to your provided services. Thank you, Mr. Gunn.”

The Davis Family

“I have already pre planned my funeral and am glad we decided to use Riemann’s for both.”

The Lassus Family

“The entire staff was caring and professional. My family was well pleased with my Father’s and Mother’s services. Thank you so much.”

The Anderson Family

“I would like to mention Jim Hudson and Johnnie Fayard. Both of them were so kind and giving to us when we needed it most! Thank you two so much!”

The Covington Family

“Our heartfelt thanks.”

The Moragas Family

“I have never been involved in the funeral process, but the experience was amazing, considering. Thank you so much!!”

The Klein Family

“There are not words to express the gratitude for the care and attention we received. The loss of our loved one was very hard, but was made more bearable because of the staff.”

The Bobinger Family

“Our family has gone through the arrangements of services provided by Riemann’s for both of our parents. It was the services that you provided for my father, Charles C. Reid, that encouraged my husband and myself to preplan our “passing”. Your facility makes a difficult time easier to focus on by the survivors. Our family greatly appreciates the passing of both of our parents.”

The Reid Family

“Mr. David Gunn worked closely with us during the entire procedure. He is definitely an asset to your company.”

The Stephens Family

“Thank you for wonderful service, the kindness, and concern.”

The Crocker Family

“I was very pleased with everything.”

The Pierce Family

“David, Mike, and Addison are a great group of guys. They were helpful with everything.”

The Faul Family

“Someone was there whenever I needed them and reduced the stress. We were able to focus on the things important to us.”

The Wright Family

“I am very thankful for the entire staff at Riemann Family Funeral Home. We were treated as family and my husband’s funeral was beautiful. They went above and beyond to take care of all our needs. I know my husband was blessed and loved by family and friends. Riemann Family filled the room with Love. I can not say thank you enough.”

The McLaurin Family

“Laurie Estes was so very helpful to us in this sad time, which made it a more pleasant experience!”

The Ragland Family

“My Walt’s funeral arrangements could not have been more elegantly, dignified and meticulously carried out; forever gratefully appreciated by Walt’s loved ones is “your Riemann company expertise” in sincerely helping us pay tribute to him! Thank you!”

The Keck Family

“Chad has always made sure to take care of our family’s funeral needs. We appreciate how he makes all his clients feel like they are the most important people walking through their doors.”

The Simmons Family

“While Mother’s pre-planning and pre-paying was a blessing in nearly every way. I wish she had chosen her music and other details as well. I would like to transfer my final plans from Bradford O’Keefe (Ocean Springs) to Riemann, and I would appreciate some assistance with that, if possible.”

The Brown Family

“My family and I appreciate the kindness shown by Mr. Riemann and Mr. Green during the traumatic period. May God Bless your families and the services you provide.”

The Campbell Family

“Riemann’s Funeral Home pays great attention to every detail and beyond. The care given to my mother and our family was way beyond our expectations. From the moment she was picked up after the death, until her body was interned into the ground Riemann’s, and especially Jason and Chad, were at our side to make sure every desire, request, or need was met. We could not have asked for any more. No stone was left unturned. Riemann still calls and checks on us. They are wonderful, kind people.”

The Carrubba Family

“My family, friends, and I were very pleased with the whole experience. The respect shown by staff was something everyone noticed. They were very good all around. Jason was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!”

The Browning Family

“Jim and Johnnie both have very good roles and are very much ASSETS to your operation.”

The Wright Family

“David Gunn was very professional and a tremendous help to our family.”

The Lopes Family

“God gave use just one mama. My mama was treated and respected with loving care at the Riemann Family Funeral Home. Just keep up the loving care. God bless the Riemann Family.”

The Norris Family

“Johnnie was so helpful, caring, and understanding. She was a pleasure to work with.”

The Isaak Family

“Wonderful staff. Very caring, even loving. Great attention to our mother. Highly recommend.”

The Wells Family

“We were taken care of very well. All of our questions were answered in a manner that we all understood. We actually had plans made and services within 4 days. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much.”

The Tomlinson Family

“Nothing can bring back my sister, but thank you for creating a very caring environment for us the day of her service.”

The Mullins Family

“Losing my mother was by far the hardest thing I’ve been through in my life. I would only trust Riemann’s to look after my precious Mom. Jason was a God send to our family”

The Nicholson Family

“Jason Green was our director. He was very caring, very helpful, and had a sense of humor that put my family at ease. We could not have asked for a more caring and pleasant person. We thank him very much.”

The Buchanan Family

“Jamie made it very easy, went beyond with his help, very polite and mature for his age. Thank you."

The Wilson Family

“Very caring, compassionate service that is family owned and operated.”

The Kirche Family

“Best in the business”

The Ruspoli Family

“Want to thank everyone involved. Couldn’t have asked for better service.”

The Payne Family

“Thank you for making the experience bearable.”

The Neely Family

“From Ms. Johnnie, Jamie, and all staff who helped facilitate Dad’s transport (at time of passing away at home) to the caring card after services were over, (in other words: Every aspect of funeral, start to finish), your kindness, care and compassion were the best (and most appreciated) by my family. We will highly recommend your services in the future for our loved ones and friends. God bless you as you continue to MINISTER to people in their times of grief!”

The Tussey Family

“My family’s experience was excellent from start to finish.”

The Kimenski Family

“Special thanks to Chad Riemann!”

The Fraleigh Family

“I received help and guidance with questions I had months after the service. Thank you, Miss Kathy.”

The Sauls Family

“Thanks for helping at a time we really needed the help! Thanks again.”

The Gilmore Family

“The staff was amazing and so helpful with all of my needs. I am so thankful to have had them plan the viewing of my husband, Matt for family to see. Thank you so much!”

The Garner Family

“The funeral home director was very knowledgeable of the service my grandson and I wanted. He was very polite communicating with our priest in Alabama where the service was held.”

The Selman Family

“Funeral was planned and paid for far in advance.”

The Dern Family

“Everything was great and John Adamcewicz made it so easy. Thank you!”

The Kowalski Family
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