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Why is it important to celebrate a life lived?  

Publicly remembering doesn’t necessarily mean having a viewing. It doesn’t have to mean having a two day service at the church. But, experts do agree that publicly celebrating a life lived is an integral part of the grief process. It helps those left behind with the Acceptance stage of Grief and allows one to move forward knowing that the lack of a physical presence will now be the new norm.

It has been overheard by some that they don’t want to put their family through a difficult time or lengthy process at the time of their own passing. It is only natural to want to shelter your family from pain and hard times. However, before the decision of not giving the family and friends an opportunity to come together in grief, it should be discussed with the family as a unit. Did you know that everyone grieves differently? Did you know that within the same family unit, one member may need a viewing or Celebration of Life Service to help with acceptance, and then another may have come to terms with the loss at some previous time and not need that service? 

Whether it is in the funeral home, church, graveside, beach, park, or other special place, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate a life lived. Publicly remembering gives the community the opportunity to give much needed support to the family and to demonstrate that this life was unique, meaningful, should be celebrated, and given thanks for. Through the gathering of friends and family, we learn that we can depend on others to be there for us when it’s needed most.

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