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Receptions and Gatherings

We are currently the only funeral home on the Gulf Coast with designated reception areas. We invite families to gather at one of our state of the art funeral homes complete with reception areas and kitchens where families are able to continue to celebrate the life of their loved one. Our funeral homes are unlike any other in the state of Mississippi. The comforting, inviting atmospheres we have created allow families to enjoy hors d'oeuvres, drink and fellowship which takes the burden of cooking and cleaning away from families after a long, emotional day. Full catering services are available along with live music and drink of choice.

Families have always taken time to gather together following funeral services. It is common to have a large reception with food and beverages served to friends. It is also common to keep the reception small and intimate. This choice depends on the individual family’s wishes. 

Today, we are seeing this event grow into something similar to what you experience after a wedding. The venue for this event is often held at one’s home. However, receptions can also be held at the funeral home, church fellowship hall, a restaurant, public place, or other special place. These gatherings are many times in a setting less formal than the service itself, allowing for catering, beverages, and live music. 

Whether it’s a small intimate gathering or large open gathering, the reception can provide that informal feeling to help family and friends share their feelings and Celebrate a Life.

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