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Ideas for Personalization

Whether you choose an urn or a casket, the service options available to your family can be the same. With that being said, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate the life of a loved one because each of us is unique. Because each of us also grieves differently, the celebration that we help plan should be whatever is most meaningful to the surviving family. For some, the visual realization of a viewing is extremely important when moving through the grief process. While for others, a viewing may not be needed to properly understand and move through that process. When we sit down with a family to plan a celebration, whether it be simple or extremely personal and detailed, the goal is to provide a memorable and meaningful celebration to honor the gift of life we have been given.

​Personalizing the visitation is an integral part of celebrating the life of an individual. Whether it’s video memorials, personalized portraits, or special music, because we are unique, the length to which it can be planned is endless. For example, for an antique car enthusiast, placing his/her automobiles at the entry to the funeral home and displaying car show awards and pictures may be important. For the fisherman, a casket spray with cast net, lures, boat paddle, and marsh flowers can reflect a personal touch. Or for the artist, displaying important works of art, “gallery style” may invoke special feelings from family and friends.

The objective is to create an environment of individual touches that can help bring back memories of a life lived. Many people don’t quite know what to say when they attend a service. They are in attendance because they care and want to give their support. Personalization can help start conversation and the healing process for all. 

Additional Ideas for Personalization:

  • Church ceremony with orchestrated gospel music 
  • Waters edge ceremony on the beach, complete with balloons and Chinese lanterns
  • Funeral home chapel ceremony, complete with a memorial setting with personal items of the deceased, including a video tribute, framed portraits, hobby items, and floral displays
  • Lakeside ceremony, followed by horse drawn carriage procession to cemetery
  • Informal gathering/ reception, complete with catered menu, live music, and drink of choice 

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