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A Full-Service Funeral Home Simplifies Plans for Funeral Home and Cremations in Ocean Springs, MS

If you're looking for funeral and cremation planning in Ocean Springs, MS look no further. Here at Riemann Family Funeral Homes, we treat your loved one with care while making the process as simple and affordable as possible through our direct cremation package which includes transportation to a nearby crematory. For immediate assistance, call us at (228) 865-4700.

Ocean Springs, MS Funeral Home And Cremations

Choosing the right provider when planning a funeral home and cremations in Ocean Springs, MS, can make the experience much less challenging. It is a great idea to look for a full-service provider because they will offer all of the services you might need in-house or through trusted sources. They will coordinate any other relevant services such as funeral flowers. They can provide services for embalming or cremation. They keep stocked with a large inventory of all of the products you may need for the arrangements you are making.

Another critical thing to look for is a well-established and experienced provider. Consider Riemann Family Funeral Home, which has been in the business for more than 100 years now. It’s safe to say we’ve learned a few things as we’ve cared for thousands and thousands of families through the years. With established relationships amongst the area providers, cemeteries, and related businesses, we can assist you in understanding the specific rules that may apply to your situation.

Honoring Ceremonies for Funeral Home and Cremations in Ocean Springs, MS

There are varied styles of services to pay final respects and say goodbye to your loved one. There is not just one correct way to do it. The caring staff at Riemann’s can assist you in designing a fitting solution for your needs and wants. The most common services we help with are funeral services, cremation services, and memorial services.

Funeral services can be very formal or less formal. They can follow traditional formats or be customized in unique ways. Taking time to remember and honor your loved one is a cathartic act. Gathering with others who share your grief lends support and comfort. Holding the service within a short period of time after death can help bring a sense of closure and aid in accepting this new reality.

Services for cremation can be simple, with no public goodbye ceremony attached. More commonly, other services are planned in tandem with cremation services. This can even include a full funeral service. In this case, the remains are prepared for viewing and casketed for the funeral. After the funeral, the remains are transported to the crematory for cremation.

If cremation or immediate burial has been chosen, a memorial service will sometimes be held. Without the body needing to be present, it can expand the flexibility of when to hold this service.

Memorials can have the cremated ashes of the deceased present. It might be held at the time of scattering or burial of the ashes if desired as well.

Choosing Caskets or Urns

Finding the container that feels right for your loved one’s remains can be very emotional, as you might guess. The expert staff at our facilities will do all we can to give you the facts, honor your budget, and help you find a receptacle that you are satisfied with. With more elaborate details as well as sleek modern designs, we have selections for a wide range of style preferences. If budget constraints are an issue, please let us know. We will help you find something you can be pleased with at a price point that works for you.

Monuments Can Help Us Grieve

Having a place of permanency to visit when you are missing your loved one can be very helpful to the grieving process. Many people who choose a traditional style burial automatically have this place. It is common to erect some style of grave or headstone to honor their departed’s memory at the gravesite.

Benches, plaques, or other styles of monuments can also be chosen depending on preferences and the final placement location. Even if ashes are scattered and not regularly visited, a monument can be put up nearby to support this need. Consider how you will memorialize your loved one for funeral home and cremations in Ocean Springs, MS.

Pre-Arrangements, a Parting Gift

Taking time to make even a few decisions regarding your own final wishes becomes a wonderful way to support your loved ones who survive your passing. Did you know there are as many as 70+ decisions that need to be made in the first 48 hours after a death occurs? There are many decisions surrounding final arrangements. The emotional shock of loss doesn’t really equip us well to make so many choices that cannot be reversed. You can relieve at least a bit of this burden by making your selections now.

More Information is Just a Call Away

As you make plans, either for future needs or immediate service, call the experts at Riemann Family Funeral Homes. With so much experience and history in serving this community, there is no stronger provider for funeral home and cremations in Ocean Springs, MS. Offer yourself the peace of mind that comes from working with compassionate professionals.

Funeral Home and Cremation FAQs

Why is funeral pre-planning important?

Funeral pre-planning is important because it eliminates the emotional and financial burden from the family of the deceased because all the preparations for the funeral are already set. Pre-planning also removes the stress that can sometimes lead to disagreements among surviving family members. Learn more.

What type of casket is best?

The types of caskets that are considered to be some of the most elegantly crafted wood caskets are Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry. Caskets crafted from Maple have great strength and hardness which is good too. Oak is renowned for its highly recognizable graining pattern, making it a favorite of many families. Learn more.

What is a personalized funeral?

Personalizing the funeral is all about creating a meaningful experience to reflect the life, values, relationships, and ideals of the person who has died. The wonder of personalization is that there's no mold to follow. Much like a wedding, you can customize every area of a funeral ceremony. Learn more.

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