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Here at Riemann Family Funeral Homes, we are the cremation and funeral service provider in Gulfport, MS. We offer simple funerals at a low cost while still providing quality services to make your loved one's passing more comfortable for you and your family. Give us a call at (228) 539-9800 if you have any questions about our service options!

Gulfport, MS Funeral Home And Cremations

Who you choose to work with when planning for funeral home and cremations in Gulfport, MS, will undoubtedly impact your experiences and final outcomes. It can be helpful to know a bit about what to look for when you are making plans for these services. Working with a provider who has a lot of experience is key. After serving hundreds and thousands of families over the last century, Riemann Family Funeral Homes has seen what works and what does not. They can guide you through creating a beautiful honoring service for your loved one.

A full-service funeral home can provide you with a wide range of services and selections of needed merchandise. This is so helpful since it means fewer phone calls and coordination of services for you in an already stressful time. By working with one provider who can take care of all of the details, you will have peace of mind and final arrangements you can be proud of. A well-known firm can also have the clout you might need when working with area cemeteries, florists, or other service providers.

Customizable Services for Funeral Home and Cremations in Gulfport, MS

When it comes to traditional services to honor someone who has passed away, look no further than the full funeral service model. This style of service tends to feel familiar to people. As a result, this provides a sense of safety and security that many people crave after a significant loss. A full funeral can include:

  • The body is embalmed for presentation at a viewing or visitation time
  • The funeral service
  • A funeral procession to the gravesite for the committal
  • A reception for close relatives and friends

There are no rules that say each of these things must happen. Choose all, or choose some. Make the funeral as traditional or non-traditional as you wish.

Cremation services are a means to prepare the deceased remains for final disposition. This is done through incineration and results in a collection of ash-like particles. In many ways, cremation opens up the range of final placement options, as well as when to hold any public honoring services. Cremations do not exclude the possibility of a full funeral service. After the funeral, the body is transferred to the crematory instead of a memorial park or cemetery.

Other types of honoring events include a memorial service. This can be held with or without cremated ashes present. Some people choose chapel or graveside services only. It is also possible to arrange for immediate burial or simple cremation without any public services offered. Many experts recommend having even a small service to help provide closure, support, and an opportunity to pay the final respects.

Caskets, Urns, & Final Placement Needs

If intact burial or entombment is going to happen, a casket or burial shroud will be necessary. Depending on the rules of the burial site, a grave liner or burial vault may also be required. Caskets are made from many different materials and have various features. Some are more environmentally friendly than others. For both funeral home and cremations in Gulfport, MS, learning about these factors is a good idea.

Those who are seeking cremation have a few more options, though burial or entombment of cremated remains is also a great choice. “Cremains” can also be housed in decorative urns and kept close to loved ones. Scattering of the ashes may also be chosen. The funeral experts at Riemann Family Funeral Homes can assist in helping plan for these options as needed.

Permanent Memorials and Monuments

Grief is a journey without a specific roadmap. One thing is clear, however: it takes time. Even years later, the layers continue to heal. A proven way to help navigate this terrain is to have a place of permanent memorialization.

This might be at a cemetery, a memorial park, a cremation garden, or elsewhere. By having a place to visit in the coming weeks and years, some comfort can be gleaned. If you need help to select monument stones for graves, or memorial benches, consider working with the sister company of Riemann Family Funeral Home, Riemann Monument Company, to explore these choices a little more.

Pre-Planning Is a Thoughtful Gift

Even if you expect to live many more years, taking time to plan for your own needed future services can be a very thoughtful gift to your loved ones. It also protects your wishes for your final arrangements. Some people revisit this plan every 10-15 years to make adjustments or add instructions. Relieving the burden of planning every single detail from your loved ones is so appreciated. Did you know? On average, 70+ decisions need to be made within the first 48 hours after a death occurs.

Get More Information by Calling Today

For any stage of planning around funeral home and cremations in Gulfport, MS, call the experts at Riemann Family Funeral Homes. They have the experience, compassion, and competence to help you through.

Funeral Home and Cremation FAQs

What is the cheapest way to have a funeral?

The least expensive option to have a funeral is direct burial. Direct burial is the process in which the body is buried soon after death, with no embalming or visitation. However, the cheapest way for a funeral is direct cremation. Learn more.

What is BeRemembered?

BeRemembered is a FREE online social networking service similar to Facebook which allows families to create profiles where information about each family member's life can be documented and shared. It is a great tool to spark conversations within families about each member's wishes for his or her own life celebration. Learn more.

What is the Tree of Remembrance in Gulfport?

Roughly 30 years ago, we created a Christmas memorial service to help families cope with grief during the holidays. We invite families to bring an ornament in memory of their loved one(s) and share it with other families who have experienced a loss. Learn more.

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