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Riemann Family Funeral Homes has been serving funeral and cremation services in Biloxi, MS for years. We offer simple yet affordable cremations to help reduce the financial burden of your loved one's final disposition. Contact us today at (228) 374-1188 so that our staff can coordinate a time with you!

Biloxi, MS Funeral Home And Cremations

When making plans for funeral home and cremations in Biloxi, MS, the whole experience will be impacted by the firm you choose for the services you require. Working with a well-established and experienced firm will ease your stress through the entire process. As long-term providers in the industry for more than a century, Riemann Family Funeral Homes has a broad and detailed understanding of serving its customers best.

With a full panel of services, everything you need can be arranged through Riemann’s facilities. The knowledgeable and caring staff can help guide you through challenging conversations, as well as overwhelming decisions. They will help you create a meaningful ceremony to honor your deceased. Working with a well-known provider has other perks too. Since they regularly work with local cemeteries, florists, and other relevant service providers, they can quickly help you coordinate details.

Types of Ceremonies for Funeral Home and Cremations in Biloxi, MS

Funeral services continue to be a prevalent option in our area. Many of us are familiar with this format, and tradition can bring a sense of comfort when your world is reeling because of grief and loss. A complete funeral service typically includes some type of visitation meeting with an embalmed body if the casket will be open. Then, after the actual funeral service, the procession travels to the place of burial to place the remains at the grave. Usually, this is followed by some type of reception or gathering for family and close friends.

Cremation services are also an option, particularly if intact burial is not a desired final arrangement. The cremation can be handled in conjunction with honoring ceremonies as well. In fact, a full traditional funeral can be planned. Rather than having the procession escort the casket to the cemetery, the remains are transferred to the crematorium’s location. Cremations can ease the time-sensitive nature of safely caring for deceased remains and allowing more time to plan some type of memorial or scattering service at a later date.

Memorial services need not be pushed out far into the future, though. If the cremation is complete in time for the service, the ashes may be displayed at the event. When this happens, the cremated remains are typically held in a funeral urn or other container that serves this purpose. Many grief experts say that having some style of service to celebrate the life of your loved one has many benefits for the bereaved.

Caskets and Urns

Depending on how the body has been prepared, caskets or urns will likely be necessary. Riemann Family Funeral Homes keeps a nice selection of inventory on hand to facilitate the burial or final placement needs. There are several features and materials to choose from with both caskets and urns. Casket and urn are perfect for any occasion, from funerals to viewing in museums. Burial pots make a great gift too! A range of differently priced products can assist those who are working to keep costs down. Selecting products you feel good about is important when planning a funeral home and cremations in Biloxi, MS.

What to Think About for Monuments and Memorialization

A place of permanency for memorialization can be an enormous support to grieving individuals. This can be set up in many ways. Some standard solutions include burial in a cemetery, mausoleum, cremation niche, or scattering garden. When special dates roll around the calendar, having this place to visit has been very beneficial for many people. Monuments can be erected. These often take the form of a headstone placed at the grave. Cremation benches or other memorial monuments can also be ordered. Riemann Monument Company can assist if you desire.

Pre-Planning Your Own Future Needs

Typically many of us like to plan for significant events well in advance. Why should your funeral be different? When a death occurs, there are an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made regarding the final arrangements within just the first day or two. What if you could ease that burden on your loved ones right after you pass?

Rather than second-guessing what you might have wanted, they will know how you desired to be cared for and honored. Prepayment of services is a beautiful way to give your loved ones an additional lift at this time. All prepaid funeral arrangement monies are required to be held by a third party. They are backed by a guarantee fund because of this. Knowing life can change, we have ways to adjust your plan over time if you wish. It can also help to know that your arrangement plans can be transferred to a different funeral home if you were to relocate.

Contact Us For More Information

Whether the need is immediate, upcoming, or years away from being needed, all of your plans for funeral home and cremations in Biloxi, MS, can be created through Riemann Family Funeral Homes. With a dedication to high-quality, compassionate care, they can be trusted to take good care of you and yours.

Funeral Home and Cremation FAQs

Why have a public viewing?

In many cultural and ethnic traditions, Viewing is a part of the funeral process. Many grief specialists believe that viewing also aids the grief process by helping the family recognize the reality of death. Viewing is encouraged for children, as long as the process is explained, and the activity is voluntary. Learn more.

Why do I need cremation assurance™?

Cremation Assurance™ is peace of mind knowing that your loved one never leaves the care of the funeral home and after the cremation, will be returned to the family in a dignified and compassionate manner in order to arrange a celebration of life. That is why it is important to find a funeral home with its own crematorium so that you are assured your loved one is well taken care of. Learn more.

Do you have a reception after a funeral?

Most oftentimes, the term "wake" can refer to any kind of gathering or reception, held before or after the funeral service. Typically, a "wake" is now held after the more formal funeral service, providing refreshments, a chance for guests to socialize, and celebrate the life of the person who has died. Learn more.

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