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Cremation Assurance

At Riemann Family Funeral Homes, we have created a special program for families choosing cremation services. This program, Cremation Assurance™, is an exclusive benefit only available to those families that choose Riemann Family Funeral Homes to help them in their greatest time of need.

Why do I need Cremation Assurance™?

In an environment where we search for value and service, peace of mind surrounding those services is something that is most important. Although price is important in every decision we make, the peace of mind provided by Cremation Assurance™ is the overwhelming deciding factor when it comes to the cremation service of a loved one and memorialization of a unique life.

Unlike many funeral homes, Riemann provides peace of mind when cremation is chosen as the means of final disposition. Many funeral homes do not own their own crematory. In addition, not all funeral homes have their own refrigeration units designed to respectfully hold a loved one until permits and authorizations are obtained, which can take several days or longer.

We have gone to those lengths and more to serve our community with dignity, thus, creating peace of mind for the families we serve. Our on-site crematory is open to inspection at all times. We want your family to be Assured that by choosing Riemann's Cremation Assurance™, you have avoided doubt and uncertainty about the cremation process, because you know where it will happen and who is responsible.

Cremation Assurance™

Only at Riemann Family Funeral Homes

1. Cremation Assurance™ is peace of mind knowing that your loved one NEVER leaves our care, and after cremation, will be returned to the family in a dignified and compassionate manner in order to arrange a celebration of life.

2. Dignity and Respect: from the moment of first contact, we place an identification band on the deceased to ensure positive Identification at all times. In addition, temporary preservation through refrigeration is immediate and your loved one is held there until all permits are obtained.

3. Detailed Cremation Authorization Forms are obtained from the legally recognized next-of-kin according to Mississippi statutes. These forms detail all aspects of the cremation process and our instructions regarding cremation for each family's unique wishes.

4. We use a Crematory Operator's Instruction Form that mirrors the information from the Authorization forms. Seamless communication is crucial. In addition, a numbered, metal Identification tag is placed on the ledge of the crematory until the end of the process, when it is placed with the cremated remains.

5. Before cremation takes place, THREE Riemann employees will verify identification. One will be a funeral director, one will be the crematory operator, and one will be another employee who will verify that the previous two have positively identified your loved one. This triple check ensures the proper return of your loved one.

6. The use of OUR CREMATORY ensures that your loved one never leaves our CARE. Our crematory is open to inspection at all times.

7. If cremation with no service is planned and death occurs outside of our service area, our Plan Portability program insures we will find a cremation provider to service the cremation as originally planned... at no additional cost.

8. We know value is important and offer choices of cremation caskets, urns, keepsakes, and jewelry at affordable prices.

9. We are the exclusive provider for cremation plans for Veterans Funeral Care in Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson counties. Prices and choices are specifically designed for veterans and their families.

10. Price Guarantee: Our prices are reasonable and affordable and be assured that we will meet the price of other local cremation providers.

11. Cremation Assurance™ also means that a Celebration of Life unique to your loved one can be arranged exactly as requested by the family.

12. There is no right way or wrong way to memorialize a loved one. Whether it's a funeral service with casket, visitation, and funeral, or a memorial service centered around memories of life, we will help you create a truly personal, meaningful experience. After all,"There is a Difference... Riemann Service."

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