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Be Remembered

Riemann Family Funeral Homes is the Gulf Coast's exclusive partner with the Remembrance Services Group in providing you with this FREE online social networking service. This online system, similar to Facebook, allows families to create profiles where information about each family member's life can be documented and shared. It is a great tool to spark conversations within families about each member's wishes for his or her own life celebration. This program can also be used as an ultimate family tree. The information uploaded to each profile is secure and only available to those with the proper log in credentials. Watch the sample video and get started today by clicking the link below!   

At BeRemembered, you can record how you want to be remembered by your family, friends and loved ones, even after you leave this life. You can record stories of your life, add pictures and video, describe how you want your end of life funeral event to be, even store private messages that are delivered to loved ones after you leave this life.

Gradually collect, organize and archive your finest memories and thoughts. Also reflect on, and plan, your end-of-life celebration. Membership is FREE.

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